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First of all, the movers showed up 4 hrs later than originally planned, which caused to have to stay an extra day in town.Then once they got started packing, the foreman left for a "personal emergency" and left his two helpers to work packing everything.

Four and half hours later, the foreman shows up and is in a mad rush to get everything done. He started just throwing things in boxes without proper packing materials (they did not bring enough materials to begin with). About an hour later, the foreman's wife/girlfriend shows up at my house and gets into a big argument with her (a la Jerry Springer) in front of my house. The foreman was very rude to my wife when she asked them to not put up such a scene for all our neighbors to see.

Given his urgency to get the job done, they were not really packing anything, just throwing things in boxes. They finally finished loading the truck around 9:30 PM and then he pulls the whole your estimate was weight based, but you have more cubic feet scam, yada yada yada, increased my estimate by 50%. A week an a half later I get a call from a driver from a different company asking me directions to my new place in New Jersey. Apparently this company had sold my job to this other company.

When the driver arrived he asked me if I had any help to unload the truck since it was just him and one other guy. They ended up having to unload the truck themselves and halfway through, another guy shows up and takes one of the guys away because "he had a medical appointment" (yeah right!) and left just one guy to continue the move. I ended up having to help the poor guy bring the stuff up.

Now to the condition of the items. Just about all our boxes were crushed.

It appeared they had been at the bottom of a pile with several other jobs stacked on top in the warehouse. Every single box had items damaged. They threw glass picture frames in the same box with books (with no wrapping) and the result was broken glass and ruined pictures everywhere. Our fine china was not packed in a "dish barrel" box, instead was placed in a regular type box and the box arrived crushed and opened.

Many pieces were broken. All of our furniture had visible damage. One of the legs of our bed was severely cracked, a black lacquered console had a two inch scrape right on the top down to the bare wood, same thing happened to both of our night stands. Our bed which is a Select Comfort Sleep-by-number bed is made of various components, including a memory foam top.

The foam was not wrapped in plastic or anything, it was just thrown into the truck and arrived completely filthy (there's even someone's footprint in the middle of it) and torn and cut in many places. I had to order a replacement from SelectComfort for over $350, because it was unusable. I paid extra to have my high-end electronics (computers, printers, home theater equipment) "professionally packed" -- this meant the stuff was just thrown into boxes and more stuff thrown on top of them. My 22" LCD monitor was at the bottom of a box, and they threw a boom-box radio on top of it...ON THE SCREEN itself.

All my electronics have been scuffed up and scratched up. Needless to say, this job looks like it was packed by a bunch of gorillas, but then again, that would be insulting to gorillas.

I purchased this company's "Don't Lift A Finger" service, but what I got instead was the "We Give You The Finger" service instead.Stay away from this company, they are the text-book definition of a moving company bait-and-switch scam.

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I made the mistake of hiring these fools to move me from Orlando to Illinois.As I read all the complaints about these booty.....

it is pretty much what happened to me. They arrive late quote you one price start packing and then the "Boss Man" shows up and says packing is extra. What did arrive to me was damaged and what they liked they took ( shoes clothes purses and yes undies too) They claim to have insurance and state in their contract you have 9 mons to file a claim only to find out from the insurance company ( CSI PROS) that they do not insure Sunstate anymore. My loss is close to 10,000 and I am not going to get a dime.

All numbers for this place I have are disc. I contacted the BBB (they have an F w/the bbb) Florida atty general.

Stay far away from this company.They prob are in Hollywood Fl under a new name.


Newest scam sunstate has all their callS going to a new mover in hollywood floida. Stay away from anything related to this company.

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